Remarkably resilient in the face of global headwinds
Remarkably resilient in the face of global headwinds

This report was previously named "Baltic Sea Report", now changed to "Nordic-Baltic Business Report". Your subscription was updated to the new report.

• All Nordic and Baltic countries are enjoying a remarkably smooth and steady business cycle.

• The economies remain competitive, but a rise in global protectionism threatens the short-run outlook while structural challenges (e.g., demographics) will hinder growth going forward, especially in the Baltic countries.

• When it comes to social inclusion and governance, the Baltic countries can learn a lot from their northern neighbours. All countries could and should do more in environmental protection.

Rather small and very open economies have been enjoying booming global trade and have capitalised on it. The Baltic and Nordic countries have successfully navigated through the euro area debt crisis, Russian sanctions, collapsing oil prices, and, now, rising protectionism. This decade, all three Baltic countries have adopted the euro and climbed the ranks of the Doing Business report, becoming more attractive for both local and foreign investments.

About the Nordic-Baltic Business Report
The Nordic-Baltic Business Report takes a broad perspective on the strength and appeal of the Nordic-Baltic region from the business and investor points of view. The Summary Sheet gives an insight into recent macroeconomic and financial sector developments, long-term sustainability of current trends in environmental protection, social inclusion, governance and medium-term growth aspects, and the competitiveness of the region’s economies. This report provides an overview of similarities and differences, strengths and shortcomings while doing business and considering investment decisions in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and Norway.

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