Coronavirus briefing: Cases continue to fall in Europe
Coronavirus briefing: Cases continue to fall in Europe
The epidemic

  • In Europe, cases continue to point down.
  • In the US, the infection trend continues to move slowly downwards, and hospitalizations seems to be falling now too.
  • The situation in India is very severe. On Wednesday, India reported record number of cases and deaths, and in many hospitals, oxygen supplies ran perilously low. A large number of countries have provided medical assistance to India.
  • Cases are now declining in Sweden, while hospitalizations point also down. However, the situation continues to be severe. Four cases of the Indian variant have been found in Stockholm.
  • Elsewhere in the Nordics, cases continue to fall in Finland. In Denmark, the trend has moved mostly sideways while the data from Norway is a bit more volatile.
  • In the Baltics, the decline in Estonian cases continues, while cases are flat in Latvia and Lithuania. 
Policy and vaccines

  • In Finland, a state of emergency ended on Tuesday.
  • The UK has secured 60 million doses of Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine to be used for booster shots later this year, according to country’s Health Secretary.
  • In Sweden, the pause in the use of the Janssen's vaccine continues. It is expected that vaccinations to people under 59 could start in Stockholm in mid-May.
  • With less than 100 days until the Tokyo Olympics, Japan has vaccinated less than 2% of its population.
  • The Fed announced no change in its policy rates or the pace of QE but upgraded its assessment of the economy. 

Economic effects

  • In Sweden, LFS unemployment was 9.5% in March, due to higher labour force participation and a methodological change, read more here
  • Card transaction data from Sweden shows that trend in the service sector stays positive, mainly driven by increased spending in restaurants and hotels, read more here.
  • Swedish GDP grew faster than expected in Q1, by 1.1%, over the quarter, read more here
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