Coronavirus briefing: The EMA said blood clots should be listed as a rare side effect of the Astra Zeneca jab
Coronavirus briefing: The EMA said blood clots should be listed as a rare side effect of the Astra Zeneca jab
The epidemic

  • In the EU, the infection curve is moving downwards, but Ester effects may still affect the figures.
  • In the UK, cases, hospitalizations, and deaths have all continued to fall. So far, at least 47% of the population has had at least one shot.
  • In the US, cases have moved sideways, while deaths point down. However, some of this might be due to under-reporting over Easter. 
  • In Brazil, the trend in cases and deaths points down, but the country also reported a national daily Covid deaths record on Tuesday. 
  • Daily cases have continued to rise in Sweden, while the trend has moves slightly downwards in other Nordic countries.
  • Both the number of people in hospitals and intensive care continue to point up in Sweden. 
  • In the Baltics, cases in Estonia continue to fall rapidly. Cases in Lithuania point slightly up, while there is a small decline in cases in Latvia. 

Policy and vaccines

  • In India, a night curfew was imposed in New Delhi.
  • Swedish government wants to extend the Temporary Pandemic Act, which can restrict corporate activities and public events, by four months until January. 
  • In Finland, according to the government's draft plan, the goal is to end the exceptional conditions in April and open restaurants to a limited extent. After this, restrictions would be removed gradually.
  • The EMA will begin an investigation next week on whether clinical trials of Russia’s Sputnik V Covid-19 vaccine followed global clinical and scientific guidelines. 
  • The EMA said it has established a link between rare blood clots in the brain and the AstraZeneca jab. However, the EMA has not changed its guidance for the jab, saying its benefits outweigh the risks.
  • ECB stepped up its purchases in March with roughly 15 bln euros more purchases than in February. Total net purchases were 96 bln euros in March, read more here.

Economic effects

  • In Sweden, spending increased sharply during the Easter week, read more here.

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