Coronavirus briefing: China’s vaccinations pick up pace
Coronavirus briefing: China’s vaccinations pick up pace
The epidemic

  • Reported cases in the EU have declined, but the data must be interpreted with caution as Easter holiday effects may affect the figures. In the UK, both daily cases and deaths have declined further.
  • In the US, daily cases reported over the holidays have been nearly stable while reported deaths picked up, pointing at lagged reporting.
  • Cases in India and Bangladesh have continued to surge very fast. The 7-day average of daily cases in India now exceeds cases in the US and Brazil. Cases now point down in Brazil.
  • Data from the Nordics is partly incomplete due to the holidays but indicates that cases trend up in Sweden while they point down in Norway and Finland and have moved sideways in Denmark.
  • In the Baltics, cases have continued to decline fast in Estonia and point down in Latvia. Cases have continued to trend up in Lithuania. 

Policy and vaccines

  • In the UK, non-essential stores and bar and restaurant terraces may open from April 12. Residents will be encouraged to take a test twice a week as part of a covid pass scheme.
  • In Denmark, some services such as hairdressers may open today, and more pupils are allowed to go to school. A negative test result or proof of a vaccination will be required. 
  • According to updated data, the Pfizer and BioNTech vaccine has 91% overall efficiency and a high protection against different virus variants: in South Africa efficiency was estimated at 100%. Only nine cases of coronavirus were detected in the South African placebo group, however. 
  • According to media reports, the UK government is considering an age limit for the AstraZeneca vaccine. In the UK, 30 blood clot cases have been recorded among 18 million vaccinated.
  • China has increased the pace of vaccinations, though per capita levels remain lower than in the EU.
  • Vaccine deliveries to the Nordic countries are expected to rise considerably this week: deliveries to Sweden are expected to double to 545 670 doses.
  • The Swedish government now estimates that all adults will have been offered at least a first vaccine dose by August 15. The vaccine coordinator remains more optimistic, expecting 5 million to have been fully vaccinated and another 2-2.5 million to have had their first dose by end-June. 

Economic effects

  • US Nonfarm Payrolls for March showed a broad and larger-than-expected increase in employment.

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