Coronavirus briefing: France enters its third lockdown
Coronavirus briefing: France enters its third lockdown
The epidemic

  • EU and UK cases have declined slightly in recent days, but this could be affected by reporting issues. Cases have risen in Poland, the Netherlands, Austria, and Germany.
  • In the US, cases are rising again and the decline in deaths has stabilised.
  • Brazil is reporting the highest number of cases in the world. Global case growth is driven by several parts of the world, notably the EU, US, Eastern Europe, Latin America, and South and Southeast Asia.
  • Swedish cases have risen considerably. Hospitalisations are rising fast, especially among younger individuals between ages 30 and 69. The earlier declining trend in deaths seems to have plateaued.
  • Among the other Nordic countries, cases point up in Denmark while the trend is more stable or even slightly down in Finland and Norway. Hospitalisations have continued to rise in Norway and have turned up in Denmark, while they seem to have stabilised in Finland.
  • In the Baltic countries, cases have risen in Lithuania, but the most recent data points show some stabilisation. Cases have continued down in Estonia and remain stable in Latvia. 
Policy and vaccines

  • The French president announced the third national lockdown since the pandemic started. 
  • The Swedish government extended all restrictions on businesses until May 3. 
  • In Finland, the planned legislation for movement restrictions in Helsinki and Turku was cancelled as it was ruled to be unconstitutional. The government is considering alternatives.
  • Germany stopped administering the AstraZeneca vaccine to ages below 60.
  • Joe Biden commented that 90% of US adults would be eligible for a vaccine by April 19.
  • Pfizer and BioNTech raised their vaccine production forecast for 2021 from 2 to 2.5 bn doses.
  • In a small-scale US study, the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine was reported to be 100% effective against symptomatic infection among children aged 12-15.
  • According to a new British study, the UK mutation is not more deadly than the original virus strain. The study did note that the virus increased hospitalisations by around 30%, however.
  • According to a US CDC study, Pfizer and Moderna vaccines prevent infections, not just the illness. 

Economic effects

  • The Swedish ETI confidence indicator continued to rise in March, driven by the industry, read more here. The Swedish manufacturing PMI also increased and indicates high activity at 63.7 points.

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