Coronavirus briefing: Studies confirm Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine efficacy
Coronavirus briefing: Studies confirm Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine efficacy
The epidemic

  • Cases in the EU as a whole have declined further, but the pace of the decline has slowed down. 
  • In the UK, both cases and deaths continue to fall.
  • In the US, cases, hospitalisations, and deaths have all moved downwards. Cases are now at lower per capita level than in the EU. 
  • Cases and deaths are now falling in Israel, where around 50% of people have had at least one vaccine dose.
  • The UK and California variants of coronavirus appear to have combined into a heavily mutated coronavirus.
  • In Sweden, trend of new cases point, slightly up again, while the decline in hospitalizations has slowed down. Elsewhere in the Nordics daily cases have moved mostly sideways. Cases have increased in the Helsinki region in Finland, however.
  • In the Baltics, Estonia continues to have most cases, but the trend points slightly down now. In Lithuania, the decline in cases has continued while Latvian cases point up after previous decline. 

Policy and vaccines

  • The Swedish government is preparing regulations to allow it to close shops, gyms and shopping centers if needed, and impose restrictions on theme parks, zoos and museums. The government also extended regulations that allow distance learning in schools until next year. 
  • In Finland, a broader reform package of the Disease Act enters force today. The reform allows regional authorities to close, for example, private sports facilities, gyms and spas.
  • Pfizer/ BioNTech vaccine greatly reduces virus transmission, and prevents infections after two vaccinations in around 90% of vaccinated, according Israeli studies. 

Economic effects

  • In Sweden, consumer price inflation amounted to 1.7% in January, up from 0.5% in December, read more here.
  • Housing prices in Sweden rose by 11.2%, over the year, in January. We believe that prices will continue to rise going forward, but at a slightly slower pace than now, read more here.

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