Coronavirus briefing: More positive vaccine news
Coronavirus briefing: More positive vaccine news
The epidemic

  • Globally recorded cases continue to climb.
  • Daily cases in the EU and the UK continue to fall, but some of this is due to reduced testing.
  • In the US, daily cases, deaths, and hospitalizations continue to increase.
  • In Eastern Asia, cases are rising fast in Japan and South Korea.
  • Elsewhere, cases seem to be rising again in Brazil while there is a small decline in cases in India. Cases in Russia continue to move upwards.
  • There appears to be a small decline in cases in Sweden, but the volatility of the data means we need to wait to see if this is true. Elsewhere in the Nordics, cases in Denmark have moved upwards again, while cases in Norway and Finland remain quite stable. Hospitalizations continue to increase rapidly in Sweden. 
  • Daily cases in Lithuania have moved sideways but remain high. In Latvia and Estonia, daily cases continue to increase.
Policy and vaccines

  • Sweden will limit public gatherings to eight people. The restrictions will apply for four weeks from 24 November.
  • Norway’s minority government and the opposition party have agreed on an increased economic support package of NOK 22.1 bn.
  • The UK released a 12 billion-pound green recovery plan.
  • Pfizer and BioNTech vaccine was found to be even more effective than previously reported.
  • Moderna announced this week that their vaccine was 94.5% effective.
  • The European Commission has signed agreements with four suppliers of potential vaccines against COVID-19. Sweden has so far agreed to three of these agreements. 
Economic effects

  • In Sweden, housing prices rose by 1.3% compared to September and are up 10.4% over the year, read more here
  • Spending in Sweden is trending downwards due to tighter corona restrictions. Spending on restaurants and clothing is decreasing, while spending on home electronics and durables increases, read more here.

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