Coronavirus briefing: Mixed information on Trump’s diagnosis
Coronavirus briefing: Mixed information on Trump’s diagnosis

The epidemic

  • Coronavirus cases across the globe have passed 35 million. The five countries with the highest recorded infections are the US, India, Brazil, Russia, and Colombia.
  • The decrease in new cases continues in India, where testing has also decreased, however.
  • New cases continue to trend upwards in Russia.
  • In the US, both cases and hospitalization are increasing, but at a slow pace.
  • Coronavirus cases continue to surge in many European countries.
  • In Sweden, the trend continues to be concerning in Stockholm and Dalarna regions.
  • Daily cases in Denmark seem to have peaked, but the drop can be at least partly explained by a decrease in testing.
  • Cases continue to be stable in Norway, but the climb continues in Finland. Cases in Finland are now at similar per capita levels as in Norway. 
  • Cases continue to climb in all the Baltic countries.
  • Hospitalisations due to coronavirus have remained relatively low in Nordic countries.


  • The White House’s medical team said that Trump, who had been hospitalised after testing positive for the coronavirus, had continued to improve and he could be discharged as early as Monday. While there have also been suggestions that the president has a severe case of Covid-19.
  • New lockdowns are possible in nine New York neighbourhoods.
  • In England, a leak reveals possible harsher restrictions including the closure of pubs and a ban on all social contact outside of household groups.
  • In Paris, all bars will be closed starting from Tuesday. 
  • Moscow is considering a tougher lockdown to curb the spread.
  • In Sweden, the ban on visiting rest homes ended last week. The ban remained in force in Dalarna.
  • In Finland, the government decided on new restrictions to restaurants and bars.

Economic effects

  • Weaker Swedish Retail Sales in August, mainly driven by lower sales of durable goods.
  • Euro area CPI was negative in September at -0.3%. Core CPI lower than ever recorded at 0.2%.

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