Coronavirus briefing: The rapid increase in daily cases continues in Denmark
Coronavirus briefing: The rapid increase in daily cases continues in Denmark
The epidemic

  • Global recorded cases per day have increased. Total global cases passed 30 million last week.
  • Recorded cases in India remain high, but the increase in daily cases may have peaked. There is a small uptick in daily cases also in the US.
  • Cases have continued to climb in Europe. Daily cases are still rising in Spain, France, and the UK.
  • Hospitalizations are also increasing in Europe but remain notably lower than during spring.
  • Confirmed daily cases have decreased in Sweden. According to the chief epidemiologist, Sweden is not expecting a big second wave.
  • The rapid increase in daily cases continues in Denmark, while the situation in Norway is stable.
  • Cases have moved upwards also in Finland, but the number of cases per population remains the lowest among the Nordic countries. 
  • The increase in daily cases continues in Lithuania and Estonia, while in Latvia the situation remains stable. 


  • According to WHO, there is very low evidence that blood plasma from Covid-19 survivors works as a treatment. 
  • In Sweden, the ban on visiting retirement homes ends at the beginning of October.
  • In Estonia, the government has decided to restrict selling alcohol at night between 00 am to 10 am in all nightclubs and restaurants across the country. 
  • Denmark will lower the limit on public gatherings to 50 people from 100. Bars and restaurants are also ordered to close early to curb a rise in new coronavirus infections.
  • As expected, the Fed kept the federal funds rate unchanged at 0.00%-0.25%.
  • In Finland, the budget proposal for 2021 totals EUR 64.2 bn. The budget proposal is EUR 10.8 bn in deficit.

Economic effects

  • Eurozone manufacturing production has now risen for three consecutive months and was up by 4.7% in July.
  • In Sweden, the unemployment rate decreased marginally to 9.14% in August (SA).

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